Now that we are back at home, i can finally edit my images; Iceland was amazing period!!! though our first 3 days the weather was raining and very foggy but we still did the best that we could and drove to our destination…. on our 4 day the sun was finally out and the 5th while driving very late at night going to our hostel at around 10:30pm Arden and I were discussing that our entire trip was always cloudy at night and was wishing to see the aurora (northern lights)… and THERE IT WAS!!!!!! we had to stop and find a place to park our cars and started shooting the most amazing phenomenon we have ever seen, ITS OUR VERY FIRST AURORA EXPERIENCE!!!! though the forecast only indicated that its intensity 2 (LOW) it was soooo worth it!!!!!! To make experience more exciting we have a client to photograph with aurora!!!!! 🙂.. enjoy my first ever aurora image, it was shot with FUJIFILM GFX50S with the new 23mm f4 lens, triggered with godox ad200 flash with a 5 degree weather that felt like it was 3 degree… Tang Alan and Denise Siu thank you for allowing me to take this shot with the freezing weather!!!!! ENJOY!!!!

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