Yesterday the bride Lyn finally got the wedding gown, I was planning to shoot the entire day and night with the gown… the weather started off really nice but got really windy as the sun sets… We are at the famous Chicago's Magnificent Mile, since it was soooo windy around 18-22mph winds gushing thru our faces, we had to shoot inside a coffee shop (well they were inside and im still shooting from the outside in)…. one of my plan was to shoot at the busy traffic of the Magnificent Mile; walk till we found the right spot ( just imagine a guy in a suit and girl in a wedding dress walking on one of the busiest streets in chicago!!!! well thats how we roll )… in short they just announced on the streets of chicago that they are already married!!!!! LOL!!!!! cars honking and rolling down their windows greeting them congratulations whenever the traffic lights go red and people taking video and photos … its was nice experience … anyways here's the final image of our 30sec of fame on Magnificent Mile… .. enjoy….